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A Legacy of Ranch-raised Performance Horses
for the Arena, Show Ring and Ranch

Click the picture to access a PDF of the 2015 catalog.

2015 Weanlings Sold

LJSR Rainier Ridge

April 15, 2015  *  Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

This big bodied dun filly is a grand daughter of the great
Tee Jays Poco Lady. She has a great disposition.

RumSmuggler (2)R.jpg

LJSR Rum Smuggler

May 5, 2015  *  Sorrel Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Speed and cow both top and bottom in a powerful
package. He’s one you can’t miss.

Sandskrit (15).jpg

LJSR Sandskrit

May 17, 2015  *  Dun Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Flawless dun colt. You’ll like everything about this Hook

Sand Dune.jpg

LJSR Santee River

May 16, 2015  *  Grulla Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Outstanding prospect with color and conformation. Full
brother to last year’s high seller and very similar in


LJSR Chambers Bay

April 23, 2015  *  Bay Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Out of a good Jessie Bueno daughter, this Emperor filly
should make a using horse.

RedRash (49).jpg

LJSR Red Rash

June 3, 2015  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

The Lucky Blanton’s are some top rodeo horses and
here’s a filly that should be able to do anything and look
good doing it.


LJSR Piroque

May 2, 2015  *  Buckskin Filly  *  Papers Pending

Gorgeous buckskin filly out of a great Leo Malbec mare.
We kept a full sister and Megan bought a full brother that
her daughter’s ridden barrel racing.

Sandgria (6).jpg

LJSR Sandgria

May 27, 2015  *  Bay Stallion  *  Papers Pending

He may be bay, but he’ll be a standout in any crowd.
Profile, athletic look and a pedigree to do any job.

OfftheHook (4).jpg

LJSR Off The Hook

May 23, 2015  *  Bay Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

This is Red Star’s first foal sired by Hook and she’s a
beauty - pretty head, good disposition, and muscle! She’s
young and her mother wintered hard, so she’s had some
disadvantages, but she’s pretty classy.

Red Star.jpg

LJSR Blue Cedar

May 7, 2015  *  Blue Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Sharp blue roan filly that goes back to Special Effort,
world champion running horse.

Cedars Special Horse.jpg

LJSR Sketch

April 24, 2015  *  Sorrel Stallion  *  Papers Pending

This classy Emperor colt is double bred Flying Saint with
a little Leo Malbec.


LJSR Napoleon

June 23, 2015  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Late black colt out of Poco Hook’s full sister. We wish
he’d been born 6 weeks sooner, but he’s full of potential.

Blue Hook.jpg
Slicker (15).jpg

LJSR Slicker

May 17, 2015  *  Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

Growthy filly that seems to get better every day.

Hawkeye (41).jpg

LJSR Hawkeye

May 9, 2015  *  Dun Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Nice dun colt with lots of potential. Lots of cow on the top
of his pedigree and speed on the bottom.


LJSR Kadoka

May 11, 2015  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Well muscled and correct, this filly’s half brother won the
Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse 2014 Mary Ann Mc-
Donald High Point Horse Award, 2014 FQHR High Point
Gelding, and 2014 All Breed High Point Horse Award.

LectricRazor (2).jpg

LJSR Lectric Razor

June 4, 2015  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Young double-bred Flying Saint colt. Everyone who
has purchased Gillette’s colts say they have awesome
dispositions and are willing to do anything asked of them.

Lady Gilette.jpg
CavenRiver (1).jpg

LJSR Caven River

May 23, 2015  *  Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

Young JB filly out of an older Hayden daughter. Great


LJSR Rusty Hook

June 23, 2015  *  Red Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Late red roan colt with an outstanding Reeves’


LJSR Capriola

May 10, 2015  *  Red Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

Sedona has outdone herself this year with this classy JB
filly. She’s got all the right parts in the right places.

BuenoCricket (42).jpg

LJSR Bueno Cricket

April 19, 2015  *  Bay Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Out of a double-bred Major Bonanza mare, this bay colt
should really ride.


LJSR Whiplash

June 10, 2015  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

We kept a full sister and Tressa is riding a full brother.
Should get big and be able to handle any task.


Papers Pending

May 7, 2015  *  Red Roan Filly 

We just received the papers on this filly’s mother, so we
should be able to get papers on this terrific filly!


LJSR Nicker

May 5, 2015  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Little Emperor filly we’ve been feeding on a bottle so
she’s lacking some size and bloom. All she’ll need is
some time.

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