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A Legacy of Ranch-raised Performance Horses
for the Arena, Show Ring and Ranch

Our 2022 sale is scheduled for Saturday, August 20, at 6 p.m. at Bowman Auction Market. Continue to check back here for updates to this year's offering.


All colts will be halter broken and tied, have had sleeping sickness shots, are wormed, and Coggins tested.

Photos were taken in late June.

If you can't attend the sale in person, the sale will be streamed live on  

Note: Internet Explorer - WILL NOT WORK with our video streaming software, please use a modern browser like Chrome, Safari or Edge.












Bowman Auction Market -- (701) 523-5922


Guest Consignors:
Carter Acres, Starbuck, MN -- (320) 424-2957 Dale or (320) 424-2959 Nada 


Stearns Quarter Horses
Rhame, ND

Bob and Jan Quickstad
Whitewood, SD


TC Quarter Horses
Lovell, WY

Rahn Performance Equine

Buffalo, SD



Click the picture to access a PDF of the 2021 catalog.


LJSR Sailing Vessel

May 4, 2021  *  Buckskin Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Vessel is a cute, buckskin stud with a beautiful head, short back, and big hip.


LJSR Rigged In Blue

May 1, 2021  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A big blue roan colt who should be able to put you
horseback. Ketch has very cowy foals, so no doubt this
one will be the same.


LJSR Las Cruces

May 3, 2021  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Pretty fancy red roan filly by Emperor. Taos is a big blue roan mare who milks well and is easy on the eyes.


LJSR Sapphire Gin

May 4, 2021  *  Brown Filly  *  Papers Pending

Bombay is a first time mare and this filly is sure nice. She has a gorgeous head, hip, and just good all around.


LJSR Casting Sand

May 15, 2021  *  Bay Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Here’s a colt that should really put you horseback. Great cow pedigree and should get plenty big enough for any job.


LJSR Boons Crocket

April 25, 2021  *  Bay Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Nice bay colt with muscle in all the right places. Full
brother to last year’s high seller and has two full siblings that are turning into great using horses.


LJSR Twitch

May 22, 2021  *  Sorrel Filly  *  Papers Pending

All of Flicker’s foals have great dispositions and their
owner’s always mention how easy they are to train and be around. Twitch should be the same.


LJSR Zephyr

May 6, 2021  *  Sorrel Filly *  Papers Pending

Nice sorrel filly that should be a good producer.


LJSR Lunar's Lullaby

April 20, 2021  *  Bay Filly  *  Papers Pending

Silky bay filly by Boon that has a real athletic look.


LJSR Starlit Convertible

April 26, 2021  *  Bay Stallion *  Papers Pending

Very balanced colt by Boon out of one of the best young mares on the place.


LJSR Special Order

June 7, 2021  *  Sorrel Filly *  Papers Pending

Super profile that includes some of the greatest in Quarter Horse blood. Cow, run, and foundation wrapped in a pretty package.


LJSR Empress Gala

May 6, 2021  *  Red Roan Filly *  Papers Pending

Very balanced, refined filly out of a super broodmare going back to Shining Spark. Should definitely get big enough for any job and has the genetics to be an asset in any breeding program.


LJSR Smoke Wisps

June 2, 2021  *  Black Filly  *  Papers Pending

Black filly that is bred to do just about anything. This
filly’s mother was a nice saddle horse that anyone could ride.


LJSR Cabriolet

May 14, 2021  *  Sorrel Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Tanner is a first time mare and she has a beauty by
Remington. Feminine and pretty.


LJSR Bellini

May 12, 2021  *  Dun Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Bellini is a fancy dun colt out of our great Daiquiri mare. He will always find you in the pasture.


LJSR Two Stylish

June 23, 2021  *  Sorrel Filly  *  Papers Pending

Intensely cowhorse bred and has all the look of a great
athlete. Double bred Peptos Stylish Oak.


LJSR Broken Barrier

May 3, 2021  *  Sorrel Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A really good looking colt that will make a great using
horse. His dam has a super disposition and was a nice
saddle horse before going in the broodmare band.


Grade Filly

May 30, 2021  *  Bay Roan Filly

Nice bay roan filly that is independent. Should be plenty big enough to do any job.


Cedars Special Horse

May 22, 2001  *  Red Roan Mare  *  #4022475

Cupcake is put together about as well as a mare can be. Sweet to be around and has been a great producer. She has a neat pedigree with foundation greats such as Fancy Roan Bar and Two Eyed Jack on top and running greats Special Effort and Easy Jet on the bottom. Pasture exposed to LJSR Remington Roan.


Smart Jessie Tivio

April 15, 2002  *  Brown Mare  *  #4257255

Smarty has just been coming into her own as a producer and each year seems to do a better and better job. She was a nice saddle horse on the
ranch before joining the broodmare band and had a disposition where anyone could ride and get along with her. Pasture exposed to Paid For Potion.


GFR Cheyenne Miss

May 23, 2001  *  Red Roan Mare  *  #3924302

What a producer Cheyenne has been for us. Beautiful roan mare with a silver mane and tail that came from the great Buzz Reeves program. Her son, LJSR Sundance, was the 2014 Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse Association High Point Gelding among many other accomplishments. Pasture exposed to LJSR Emperor.


Shesa Black Fritz

June 8, 2002  *  Black Mare  *  #d4212006

What a gorgeous black mare Fritzi is and is about as sweet as one can be. She was broke to ride but had an accident as a three-year-old where she hurt her front right foot. She sometimes favors that foot but she is always in good shape and she has never been babied. Pasture exposed to LJSR Emperor.


CA Penny

April 11, 2021  *  Bay Roan Filly *  Papers Pending

Fancy filly that should probably be in the keeper pen... but we can’t keep them all! Lucky for you!


CA Apache Moon

May 11, 2021  *  Buckskin Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Fantastic, stallion-quality buckskin colt - gorgeous head, short back, powerful hip and correct all around. Not just eligible for Iowa Ranch Horse Breeder’s Futurity - he will be competitive! Sells with a base.


CA Flash Fire

April 21, 2021  *  Red/Bay Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Nearly a carbon copy of last year’s colt with fancy
conformation and superb disposition; stallion quality


CA Gapetto

April 26, 2021  *  Sorrel Stallion *  Papers Pending

Don’t overlook this colt because of his color - he is one
of the most balanced colts this year. Sired by Dually - he should eat a cow!


CA Brio

April 21, 2021  *  Black Filly *  Papers Pending

Sweetheart filly that came within an eyelash of the
keeper pen; we may kick ourselves that she isn’t. She has the whole package - baby doll head, powerful hip and everything in between.


CA Tom Collins

April 30, 2021  *  Palomino Stallion  *  Papers Pending

This colt will turn some heads wherever he goes! Super


CA Akadia

May 8, 2021  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Pretty headed and big hipped, this filly has surpassed
expectations out of a maiden mare.


CA Zale

May 12, 2021  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

It’s hard to find a black stallion prospect, but this one may be the ticket - pretty hard to fault.


CA Onyx

April 18, 2021  *  Black Filly  *  Papers Pending

Powerful black filly out of a favorite mare. She will be big enough to handle cattle and then raise some nice offspring.


CA Griffon Ridge

May 23, 2021  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Leggy and athletic, this colt is out of a beautiful mare
from Eszlinger Quarter Horses and has the makings of a
high-priced rope horse. Eligible for Iowa Ranch Horse Breeders Futurity.


CA Caeser

April 21, 2021  *  Palomino Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Unique colored colt out a maiden mare. He might lack a few groceries, but don’t overlook him; he has a pedigree to be a performer. Eligible for Iowa Ranch Horse Breeders Futurity.


CA Haze

April 28, 2021  *  Sorrel Stallion *  Papers Pending

Big, powerful colt out of one our best producing mares.
Team ropers take a look!


CA Grenache Rose

May 8, 2021  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Pretty roan filly with refinement galore. Should have the agility to handle the arena with ease. Eligible for Iowa Ranch Horse Breeder's Futurity.


CA Amayan

May 21, 2021  *  Sorrel Filly  *  Papers Pending

Half sister to CA Amiah Chex who just earned 43 points
in her first Palomino Horse Breeder’s Assoc. show. Points earned in Trail, Reining, Pleasure, Conformation and Ranch Riding; now that’s versatility!

SQH TT Native

SQH TT Native

May 14, 2021 * Brown Stallion * #6077761

I always love Tornado’s colts. The cross with Bravo
(Native Bar Corona) is an exceptional cross. Very happy
with this baby.

SQH Plead The Fifth

SQH Plead The Fifth

May 510 * Brown Stallion * #6077762

This guy had a mature look the day he was born. He had
muscle and hip from day one. I really like this cross, so
put the mare and stud together again this year.

SQH Kangaroo Corona

SQH Kangaroo Corona

May 9, 20210 * Bay Stallion * #6077763

This is one of my last Don Stearns bloodline and I will
always show a little favoritism to her babies and this year is no exception. I really am happy with the cross with Native Bar Corona. Muscle and hip the day he was born.

Papers Pending

Papers Pending

May, 2021 * Sorrel Filly

Stuart and Lynsey Aston from the U.K. own this mare. She is kept at our place in the states. This is such a feminine little filly. I love her head. She will have size and muscle crossed with this stallion.

Date For Cash

Date For Cash

April 18, 2021 * Gray Stallion * Papers Pending

Speed and cow. Dam is an NCHA cutting point earner.
Cash Find is TAAA! He’s the right kind.

Mighty Shy On Cash

Mighty Shy On Cash

May 9, 2021 * Black Filly * Papers Pending

Speed top and bottom. Cash find SI 101. Mighty Shy Ann
race winner of $8,000. Typy, sweet filly with speed and

Cutabell Cash

Cutabell Cash

May 2, 2021 * Chestnut Filly * Papers Pending

A powerhouse filly from a family of cow horses. Cutabell is a proven producer as is Jazzy with a Reno snaffle bit champion.

Wild Kisser

Wild Kisser

May 7, 2020 * Red Dun Filly * #6013027

Here’s what these Surfin Cash babies grow up to be. Big
enough and smart enough to start now. Beautiful red dun filly. Three times to Dash For Cash.

TC Sugar

TC Sugar

March 19, 2021 * Bay Filly * Papers Pending

A JB filly out of a mare that goes back to the great Two
Eyed Jack! Muscled to the max and has all the great traits of JB! She is Special!

TC Hazel

TC Hazel

March 28, 2021 * Dun Filly * Papers Pending

This is a first out of a very popular Carter Acres mare
(Caramel). She is beautifully put together with color to
match. She will meet you at the gate every time. Can’t go wrong with this JB filly!

TC Pearl

TC Pearl

April 30, 2021 * Palomino Filly * Papers Pending

This filly will get double takes for sure! Well muscled
filly with one of the prettiest heads you will ever see! Very excited to see what this filly will do when she grows up!

TC Mr Mayday

TC Mr Mayday

May 1, 2021 * Brown Stallion * Papers Pending

This little guy is quick and catty! Bounces all over the
pasture. Looks to be pretty athletic with tons of speed. Oh by the way, JB is on the bottom side of his papers!

TC Pistol

TC Pistol

May 13, 2021 * Dun Stallion * Papers Pending

This colt is a carbon copy of his 2020 full brother, TC Sarge. He has all of JB’s traits. Put together with color! This colt will make someone very happy! JB outdid himself on this one!

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