A Legacy of Ranch-raised Performance Horses
for the Arena, Show Ring and Ranch

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2016 Weanlings Sold

LJSR Blue Breeze

May 11, 2016  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Emperor with this young Hook daughter looks like a good
cross. Speed and working ancestors should make him a good
one. This is Chinook’s first colt and she’s doing a super job!

LJSR Merlot

May 3, 2016  *  Black Filly  *  Papers Pending

Fancy black filly out of one of our favorite mares. She
should have speed and performance.


May 6, 2016  *  Bay Filly  *  Papers Pending

We kept a full sister a few years ago. Tug has a beautiful
head, neck and huge hip with a great disposition. Hard to
fault her anywhere!

LJSR McKenzie River

May 3, 2016  *  Bay Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Outstanding Hook filly out of a daughter of Genuine Doc Olena.
Genuine Doc Olena was a five time world show qualifier in calf
roping and heeling. He amassed 487 AQHA points during his
show career. Full brother topped the sale in 2014.

LJSR Checkers

June 11, 2016  *  Black Filly  *  Papers Pending

Out of Hook’s full sister. This late filly should turn into
something special.

LJSR Bombay

May 7, 2016  *  Bay Filly  *  Papers Pending

Bay filly with a great profile and an athletic look.

LJSR Kayenta Creek

May 15, 2016  *  Red Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Stylish roan stud colt out of a beautiful Leo Malbec mare.

LJSR Cinch

May 14, 2016  *  Bay Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Muscle, looks, and disposition. I think he’s Red Star’s best

LJSR Miz Tibbs

April 28, 2016  *  Black Filly  *  Papers Pending

This was our first time crossing Hook and Neilie and she’s
a beauty. Powerful black filly out of a good JB daughter.
She should be good on the ranch or in an arena.

LJSR Sketchy

April 30, 2016  *  Bay Filly  *  Papers Pending

Double-bred Hayden Wano and pretty classy.

LJSR Cold Cola

May 3, 2016  *  Bay Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A half brother topped the sale three years ago and a full
brother stands in Minnesota. Performance and disposition.

LJSR Justine

April 26, 2016  *  Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

Full sister to the filly we kept last year and I think of
comparable quality.

LJSR Ravens Wing

May 10, 2016  *  Bay Filly  *  Papers Pending

Out of a granddaughter of AAAT Flick Bar and World
Champion cutters on the top side, this nice filly should be
able to do anything you want.

LJSR Roan Warrior

May 10, 2016  *  Bay Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

High quality roan colt. I’ve never seen a colt run as fast as this
guy. He has a super disposition-we’ve been able to handle him
anywhere since the day he was born, and comes up to you in
the pasture. Half brother is a multiple grand champion in the
Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse Show.

LJSR Poconos

June 15, 2016  *  Bay Filly  *  Papers Pending

Late filly, but lots of eye appeal and potential. Her full
sister was broke this past year and her owners say she is
the most laid back horse - acting like 15 rather than three.

LJSR Sandchez

May 22, 2016  *  Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

A full sister to last year’s high seller. This is an outstanding
filly - good enough to go anywhere. If you could pick the
perfect head to put on a horse, this would be it.

LJSR Flika Switch

April 27, 2016  *  Sorrel Filly  *  Papers Pending

Powerful filly with the background to achieve success in
whatever direction you choose to take her.

LJSR Dakota Rum

May 16, 2016  *  Palomino Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Chuck full of muscle and chrome to burn. Double bred
Hayden Wano with a cross to JB.

LJSR Chirpin Cricket

April 20, 2016  *  Bay Stallion  *  Papers Pending

This colt won’t jump out at you, but he’s a nice colt with
ancestors that were good performance horses. Maternal half
brother won the Ranching Heritage Championship at the
North Dakota State Fair last year.

LJSR Sharp Blade

July 1, 2016  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Young colt, but he’s very good. Should have both looks
and speed. We will keep him on the mare until Oct. 1 if

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