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A Legacy of Ranch-raised Performance Horses
for the Arena, Show Ring and Ranch

Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, family, and friends who helped make our 61st sale a huge success!  The high seller was lot 1, Boondock Saint, a red roan stallion, for $2900; the sale average was $1810.  

Special thanks to the guest consignors for bringing top notch colts once again.


Click the picture to access a PDF of the 2020 catalog.

2020 Weanlings Sold

LJSR Boondock Saint

April 25, 2020  *  Red Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

I think this may be the best stud colt Choctaw has ever had. He has a pretty head, short back, and a rear end that can’t be duplicated. Possible stallion prospect.


LJSR Squall

May 11, 2020  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

This athletic colt has the look and we think he is going to turn blue roan. Out of one of the best looking mares on the place, this colt has the same great head and big hip.


LJSR Miss Roadster

April 29, 2020  *  Dun Filly  *  Papers Pending

A beautiful dun filly that is almost a carbon copy to her full sister we kept five years ago. Currently riding her full sister who is sweet, quick, and has a ton of cow.


LJSR Fritz Wicky

May 6, 2020  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A big black stud colt that should be able to do anything. His full sister is on a ranch in Wyoming where nothing bothers her from roping to warding off angry cows, snakes and gunshots.


LJSR Sand Storm

May 15, 2020  *  Dun Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A big dun colt out of a super daughter of Hayden Wano.


LJSR Barrier

April 24, 2020  *  Red Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Barrier is a thick made colt with a lot of chrome! He will definitely get you noticed whether in the arena or riding out in the pasture.


LJSR Quiver

April 27, 2020  *  Palomino Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

This is Tressa’s favorite.  He has that great JB disposition. Super correct with a lot of bone, big hip, and pretty head with a very unique color.


LJSR Country Boon

May 22, 2020  *  Red Roan Stallion *  Papers Pending

One of the nicest colts Cupcake has ever had. Muscle in all the right places. He should really be able to cover some country.



May 3, 2020  *  Buckskin Filly  *  Papers Pending

This is another super filly out of Schooner.  Beautiful head, big hip, and can really move.


LJSR Lunar Landing

April 25, 2020  *  Red Roan Stallion *  Papers Pending

Refinement but with muscle where it should be. He should have a good disposition and be able to do anything.


LJSR Cognac

May 31, 2020  *  Black Stallion *  Papers Pending

WOW! Stallion prospect! There is nothing bad about this colt. He has speed, color, and terrific conformation. Full brother to last year’s sale topper.


LJSR Cheyenne Cowgirl

May 12, 2020  *  Red Roan Filly *  Papers Pending

A very balanced filly with both muscle and refinement. Cheyenne’s colts have gone on to do great things.


LJSR Tigris River

May 15, 2020  *  Buckskin Filly  *  Papers Pending

Beautiful buckskin filly out of Lena, who never disappoints.  She is very feminine and with her pedigree should be able to perform at the highest levels.


LJSR On A Roll

May 13, 2020  *  Sorrel Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Lucky’s first colt by Emperor.  We decided not to breed Lucky this year as she is having a hard time getting around. If you are looking for a Lucky Blanton pedigree, here is your chance. On A Roll has a good disposition and has quite a personality.


LJSR Obsidian

May 15, 2020  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A big boned, black colt out of one of our favorite mares. He should be able to jerk some steers or doctor cattle in a pasture.


LJSR Mizzen Mast

May 5, 2020  *  Palomino Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A racy looking palomino stud by Boon. He has lots of speed.


LJSR Patchwork

June 2, 2020  *  Red Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

A young red roan filly out of a big mare.  She is made right and should really be athletic with her parentage.  Double bred Peptos Stylish Oak.


LJSR Jiminy Cricket

May 17, 2020  *  Dun Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A smaller colt, but will no doubt have the disposition and looks of his full brother and sister that reside in Minnesota.


Grade Filly

May 6, 2020  *  Bay Filly

Here’s a nice JB filly with about the best disposition a foal can have. Although she’s grade, she will make someone a great horse.

LJSR Smoke N Sway

LJSR Smoke N Sway

June 5, 2020  *  Black Filly  *  Papers Pending

A fancy black filly that floats on the ground.  She has a beautiful head and big hip.  A young filly that should get better with age.

LJSR Missile

LJSR Missile

July 11, 2020  *  Sorrel Stallion  *  Papers Pending

He should be a super colt. We have two of his brothers and a sister out of Ula that all have fantastic dispositions and conformation. We will keep him on the mare until October 2 since he is so young.


CA Joe West

April 16, 2020  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Stallion material here! Gorgeous head, big hip, sweet disposition and a ranching and performance pedigree in that sought after blue package. You'll dirve a lot of miles to find one as complete!

Jo Jo.jpg

CA Smoak

April 22, 2020  *  Brown Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Fancy matter what color he decides to be! Pretty head, big booty...the kind that makes those high dollar geldings down the road. With roping talent from Genuine As Diamonds on the mare side and halter and pleasure on top, he truly is versatility bred at its finest. may be stallion quality.


CA Flash

May 7, 2020  *  Red/Bay Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Special in so many ways! He will come find you in the pen - absolutely loves people naturally! Dually has legends Peptoboonsmal, Dual Pep, CD Olena and Badger Starlight all on his paper; their performance influence can’t help but come through. He’s put together just like they should be - could be stallion material.


CA Katy Frost

April 1629, 2020  *  Blue Roan Filly *  Papers Pending

Fancy, fancy refined filly! Her 2019 full sister is in our keeper pen and probably the best filly we’ve ever raised. With legendary Shining Spark for performance on her paper along with notable ranch favorites, Red Bark and Jilla, this filly will RIDE fist and then make a gorgeous broodmare!

Brown Eyes.jpg

CA Vibe

May 2, 2020  *  Black Stallion  *  Papers Pending

A chromed up knockout black colt that will be a powerhouse! This colt has the combined talent of AQHA champion, Jessie Tivio, halter winner, hall of fame sire Collins Jessie, and the AAAT racing blood of Three Ohs behind him. He should be able to do it all.


CA Magenta

May 11, 2020  *  Perlino Filly  *  Papers Pending

Typey filly in a unique package. Pretty head, keen neck and big hip with a foundation pedigree to ranch on and then produce colored babies!

Lady Collins.jpg

CA Harry Wells

April 26, 2020  *  Palomino Stallion  *  Papers Pending

This colt was born B-I-G! Nice head, short back and powerful hip in that popular palomino package...he will get noticed. Out of our favorite mare line that traces back to the great Easter Gentleman and Dad’s favorite mare, Tondalayo Two, and by Skye, a talented athlete himself, this colt has the makings for greatness!


CA Shadow

April 29, 2020  *  Bay Roan Filly  *  Papers Pending

Stunning filly out of Nada’s favorite mare; came super close to being a replacement filly. Ranch and rodeo greats on both sides!


CA Damien Dark

April 20, 2020  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Looking for a BIG, good-looking blue roan gelding? This guy is the ticket. A gorgeous 3-year-old full brother is in training for mounted shooting... so he should be versatile too!


CA Merlyn

May 12, 2020  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Cute stud colt on a maiden mare that will get some substantial size. Ropers take a look.


CA Eva McCulloch

April 20, 2020  *  Chestnut Filly  *  Papers Pending

An RC/Sterling cross. Can’t wait to see how some of these ride out - they should be such a nice blend of athleticism and common sense.

Pip Squeak.jpg

CA Cupid

May 17, 2020  *  Red Roan Filly *  Papers Pending

The only Dually filly born this year. If there were more, this one would probably stay home - she’s that good! Scoria is our “go to” for anyone that needs something safe and Dually’s colts are just so kind. If you want easy to get along with, but athleticism and talent’s a good spot to look.


CA Dibney

April 29, 2020  *  Blue Roan Stallion  *  Papers Pending

You nearly have to beat this colt off with a stick - finds you even in the pasture. With Shining Spark roots on the mare side and ranch using horses on top, he’ll be able to do any job.


CA Thea

April 25, 2020  *  Sorrel Filly  *  Papers Pending

Shapey filly that will get big, but should be super quiet. RC’s foals have all been very mellow and Kyerra trained Vixie herself at age 15.


CA Eddie Thawne

May 5, 2020  * Perlino Stallion  *  Papers Pending

Oh Miah! A well put together colt that will stand out in any crowd. Fuel N Shine was a Junior Working Cowhorse Champion so this colt should have some talent in the arena.


SQH Kassy Kashin KS

May 8, 2020 * Buckskin Filly * #6004728

This is a granddaughter of the first stud Kelly and I ever owed. I will always be partial to this bloodline. This little filly has such a personality already. Kangaroo is a good mama.


SQH Tsturningtornado

May 3, 2020 * Sorrel Filly * #6004727

I bred Tornado to Bravo last year and really like this filly. What a butt and hip! Tornado always produces fine babies.

Tornado Teagan.jpg

SQH Corona N Lime

May 21, 2020 * Bay Filly * #6005073

I am pleased with the colt that Lucky and Bub produced this year. She was a later colt but that isn’t making any difference in her conformation.


SQH Unlimited TP

May 5, 2020 * Bay Stallion * #6004726

Kelly bought this mare from Harry and Ione Flatz and she has been giving me beautiful babies ever since.


SQH Coronavirus 20

April 29, 2020 * Black Stallion * #6005072

This was the first colt born this year and my first colt out of Native Bar Carona. And I could not be happier with this baby.

Polo Creek - Quickstad 2020 stud colt pr

Cash For Jewels

May 20, 2020 * Grulla Stallion * Papers Pending

Outstanding conformation, color, prettiest of heads and he has speed. Disposition, intelligence, and ability. Cash Find SI 101 was Oklahoma champion colt. Nu Chex Jewel was Reserve World Champion Cowhorse, Superior Reining. Jazzy Lena is Reno herd work champion producer

Polo Creek - quickstad 2020 dark filly S

Shyon Cash

May 7, 2020 * Black Filly * Papers Pending

Pretty black powerhouse filly. Dam won nearly $8,000 on the track. Cash Find SI 101. This filly is triple bred Dash For Cash. Intelligence, ability, disposition, with speed.

Polo Creek - 202quickstaddunfillY CASH C

Cash Cutter

May 7, 2020 * Red Dun Filly * Papers Pending

Big, strong, pretty. AAAT speed from Cash Find. Colonel Wild Cutter was Regional Jr. Reining, Cowhorse Champion and finished cutting horse. Forbidden Kiss was C.O.N. Futurity Winner. Can’t go wrong here.


Luna Island

March 16, 2008 * Bay Mare * Thoroughbred

Time to reduce our workload so we’re offering some really nice mares. Luna won $77,000 on the track. She produces really classic babies with pretty heads, short backs, big hips, and speed. Listed with AQHA. Bred to Dot Com Guy. Last year her filly by Dot Com Guy sold here for $2,700. Nice to handle mare.


TC Dotti

May 9, 2020 * Sorrel Filly * Papers Pending

Another in your pocket filly out of CA Marble and chrome to go with it!


TC Sarge

May 10, 2020 * Dun Stallion * Papers Pending

Really nice colt out of JB. Great Confirmation, disposition and color!

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