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A Legacy of Ranch-raised Performance Horses
for the Arena, Show Ring and Ranch

Our 2023 sale is scheduled for Saturday, August 19, at 6 p.m. at Bowman Livestock Marketing (previously Bowman Auction Market).  Continue to check back here for updates to this year's offering.  Photos were taken in late June.


All colts will be halter broken and tied, have had sleeping sickness shots, are dewormed, and Coggins tested by sale day.

If you can't attend the sale in person, the sale will be live-streamed on CattleUSA.   You will need to register to view the sale and if planning to bid, must register to bid online. Please email Amy at to also get you approved through Bowman Livestock Marketing.




SALE NOTES: Lot 40 is a replacement for the one in the catalog.

                   Lot 42 is a replacement for the one in the catalog.

                  Lot 48 is a replacement for the one in the catalog.



Bowman Livestock Marketing -- (701) 523-5922--to get approved for phone bidding


Guest Consignors:
Carter Acres, Starbuck, MN -- (320) 424-2957 Dale or (320) 424-2959 Nada 


Stearns Quarter Horses
Rhame, ND

Quickstad Quarter Horses
ob and Jan Quickstad
Whitewood, SD


TC Quarter Horses
Lovell, WY

Flottmeyer Quarter Horses
Brenda and Mel Flottm

Piedmont, SD


SCQH Quarter Horses
Joe Sousa

Milbank, SD



Click the picture to access a PDF of the 2023 catalog.

2023 Cover.jpg

1-LJSR Fireball
May 11, 2023 • Palomino Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


Loads of power and performance in a yellow package. Massive hipped with a keen head and big, pretty eye. Performance genetics with Irish Pay, Peptoboonsmal, Jessie Tivio and The Flying Saint in his blood. He may be a stallion prospect.

2-LJSR Lunars Tide
May 4, 2023 • Red Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


A great profiling colt that goes back to the foundation sires of the Lazy JS, The Flying Saint and Fancy Red Bark. This colt has a lot of size and strength in a very attractive package. Full sister went to the great H3 Ranch program in Wyoming last year.

3-LJSR Flutter
May 11, 2023 • Bay Filly • Papers Pending


This filly is a powerhouse! Flicker always raises a good one
and this filly is no exception. If you want a filly that will have a great disposition, and will be a great producer as a broodmare, this is the one.

4-LJSR Brown Gin
May 11, 2023 • Grulla Filly • Papers Pending


Big, beautiful filly that has a presence about her. Very good headed and plenty of hip and hind leg. She’s out a great young mare by PJ’s Jessie Bueno so you know she’s going to be a great saddle horse and then can be an asset as a broodmare.

5-LJSR Basil Hayden
May 11, 2023 • Brown Filly • Papers Pending


Big, beautiful filly that has a presence about her. Very good headed and plenty of hip and hind leg. She’s out a great young mare by PJ’s Jessie Bueno so you know she’s going to be a great saddle horse and then can be an asset as a broodmare.

6-LJSR Potion Punch
June 3, 2023 • Bay Stallion • Papers Pending


This colt is young, but boy is he fancy! Floats over the ground when he moves and has the best disposition. Good headed, long hipped, correct, and has the genetics to be a champion. Rahn Performance Equine has his full sister and they absolutely love her. This colt is the same kind.

7-LJSR Black Label Benz
May 17, 2023 • Bay Stallion • Papers Pending


He’s a muscle machine! This colt is absolutely ripped with a
hip and hind leg very much like his sire. He can really step up underneath himself and looks like he was made to stop hard. Calf ropers/breakaway ropers take a look here!

8-LJSR Monarch
April 29, 2023 • Red Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


This is really a cool moving colt and looks good doing it. Nice package of foundation genetics with Hayden Wano, Mr Bar Pat Star, Jessie Tivio, and Fancy Red Bark. This colt will be able to do any task asked of him.

9-LJSR Justa Coup
May 10, 2023 • Bay Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


This colt has all kinds of muscle and eye appeal! Has a big, soft eye, and should have a tremendous disposition. This is Justa’s first foal and she is doing an outstanding job.

10-LJSR Tactical
May 21, 2023 • Bay Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


This is a big, rangy colt that will be able to cover a lot of
country. Floats along the ground and is out a young mare that has a super mind. This colt looks to be a head horse deluxe.

11-LJSR Keel
May 2, 2023 • Bay Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


I think this colt is outstanding. He is so balanced and correct
and has a big intelligent eye. He really looks like an athlete
when he’s on the move and being out of one of the grand old mares, he’s a can’t miss.

12-LJSR Shoal
May 17, 2023 • Bay Filly • Papers Pending


Outstanding filly by Whiskey out a terrific Hayden Wano/Jessie Tivio bred mare. She’s smart and pretty and has the genetics to perform with the best of them.

13-LJSR Lena River
June 12, 2006 • Brown Mare • #4891608 


What a grand producer this mare has been over the years. She’s an easy keeper and should be able to keep producing for many years to come. She’s bred to Ross Potter’s, Maximus Gun for a 2024 foal. He’s a fantastic son of Playgun out of an AQHA Champion producing daughter of Mr Baron Red. Will be very hard to see Lena go, but excited for whomever gets the opportunity.

14-LJSR Eagle Rare
May 13, 2023 • Brown Stallion • Papers Pending


Full brother to last year’s high seller going to the great Third
River Ranch program in Colorado. This colt is equally as good. He has exceptional conformation and is very good minded. He has a pedigree that should allow him to excel in any event!

15-CA Blue Maserati
April 30, 2023 • Blue Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


Hands down the best stud colt this year - definitely stallion material; he will be panel tested by sale day. Keen head, massive hip and everything right in between. I don’t know how you’d change him. Full brother to last year’s high selling stud colt.

16-CA Joan Jette
April 30, 2023 • Black Filly • Papers Pending


One of the last opportunities to own an RC Calcetas daughter. Eszlinger Ranch has one that they give high praise as a broodmare.

17-CA Roughcut
May 4, 2023 • Blue Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


WOW. As blue as the sky and gorgeous! From his keen head to his big hip, this colt is SPECIAL and getting better every day. Full brother to last year’s high selling filly.

18-CA Akoya
April 20, 2023 • Blue Roan Filly • Papers Pending


This is our first producing daughter by Skye crossed on our
young stallion, CA Indigo Cat. As you can see from the
gorgeous result, we’re pretty excited about where our program is heading!

19-CA McCormick
May 7, 2023 • Blue Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


Spice is proving herself a very high value and consistent producer. This guy is going to be a steel blue and is built to do anything. And maybe best of all, he comes to see you in the pasture. A full brother sold for $9000 as a long yearling in the Triangle Sale in Oklahoma.

20-CA Marcona
April 15, 2023 • Bay Filly • Papers Pending


Classy little bay filly that will be right sized for a youth project but athletic enough to be competitive.

21-CA Pippy L
April 22, 2023 • Red Roan Filly • Papers Pending


Super athletic filly that will put a person horseback.

22-CA Black Senya
May 6, 2023 • Black Filly • Papers Pending


One of our favorite mares, in with a gorgeous black filly. RC’s foals have been super easy to get along with; we know of several being enjoyed as trail horses. A full brother to Senya has modeled for Julie Goodnight (professional
trainer) sponsorship videos and has been appraised at a very high value!

23-CA Rum River
May 21
, 2023 • Bay Filly • Papers Pending


This mahogany beauty should grow up big, powerful and
pretty! A full sister is likely heading to the roping arena; this
one could go that way and then raise babies when she’s done.

24-CA Woody Zip
May 19, 2023 • Grulla Stallion • Papers Pending


A maiden, mare, Aspen has done a fine job! This splashy colt will be a standout wherever he goes and should have a ton of athletic ability. Can’t wait to see him all grown up!

25-CA Diamond Adella
May 5, 2023 • Blue Roan Filly • Papers Pending


A surprising first for this mare! Never thought we’d see a blue roan - but she definitely is - and BUILT to boot! A half brother sells in the League of Legends sale with Turner Performance Horses in August.

26-CA Yellowjacket
May 19, 2023 • Palomino Roan Stallion •
Papers Pending


Foundation using horses top side and performers on the bottom in a fancy and unusual palomino roan package. A full sister is in training in Idaho as a potential breakaway prospect.

27-CA Red Jasper
May 24, 2023 • Red Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


We’ve begun keeping a stud colt each year as a potential gelding prospect and this guy was nearly it this year. With disposition plus, this colt would likely excel as a youth project. A full sister was packing around grand kids as just a two year old.

28-CA Gato Amarillo
May 14, 2023 • Buckskin Stallion • Papers Pending


By Cat Smart Boonsmal, AQHA Junior Ranch Riding Qualifier and sire of several money earners, this colt has the talent potential to go to the arena and will only appreciate in value. Half brother to the 2021 high seller and to junior stallion, CA Indigo Cat.

29-CA Gentry
April 30, 2023 • Black Stallion • Papers Pending


Ellie is just three years old and doing a great job in her maiden year. Grand sire, Cat Smart Boonsmal, is an AQHA World Show qualifier in Ranch Riding and mom’s grand sire has an ROM in heeling; this colt should perform!

30-CA Whip Stitch
May 3, 2023 • Bay Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


This strapping colt thinks he’s people. If you want one BIG
and super kind, this one will be just that. Team ropers and trail riders, take note!

31-SQH Anne 48
May 23, 2023 • Bay Filly • Papers Pending


The mare is a home-raised horse also. This little gal is the
shiniest bay filly and so proud.

32-SQH Rainy Daze
May 12, 2023 • Bay Stallion • Papers Pending


This colt’s mama is a home-raised mare. Should be some
performance in this baby.

33-SQH Lovers Secret Desire
May 23, 2023 • Bay Stallion • Papers Pending


This colt’s mama is a home-raised mare also and goes
back to an original Stearns quarter horse stallion, Tyrees
Watch. He was a favorite stud of mine.

34-Papers Pending
April 30, 2023 • Buckskin/Grullo Stallion

Just Cashin Chex.jpg

Here is little Brad. He’s smaller than our other foals, being out of a 14h dam that is only 3 and who sustained a crippling, wire cut, leg injury this spring. She still did an amazing job of putting everything she had into little Brad. He
is an amazing blend of speed and cow and is an athlete. Like his dad did, he stole our hearts.

35-Papers Pending
April 23, 2023 • Buckskin/Dun Filly


This young daughter of Surfin Cash is a real producer. Crossed onto The Masqued Male she brings you a beautifully, well balanced, muscled and pretty filly. With an AQHA Champion sire and a speed/cowbred dam, she should be able to head in any direction and be a champion.

36-Mighty Shy On Cash
May 9, 2021 • Brown/Black Mare


Here’s a tremendous Surfin Cash daughter that was held back as a replacement. Needing to scale back on our workload, we’ve decided to offer this beautiful 2 year
old. She is grown out, gentle and ready to start. As a foal she was the fastest we’ve ever raised. She could go to the barrel or roping pen and be a great success. As a
producer, she’s the kind that will bring in those pretty blue roan foals every fall.

March 26, 2006 • Gray Mare


A very sweet mare that we purchased as a weanling from the Fort Ranch. Stoyan Lucey started her and Jim Whitcher trained and showed her in cutting. With limited shows she
is an NCHA money earner. She’s raised some very nice, athletic, ranch horses and been my personal mount. Anyone can ride her and she can be picked up and taken on a gather or trail ride on a moments notice. Kind and gentle and in foal for 2024 to Bet On Brad.

38-TC Jessie Bueno King
April 14, 2023 • Bay Stallion • Papers Pending


King is out of one of our most consistent mares. He is packed with muscle and has a huge heart. This colt is in your pocket being the first one to greet you in the pasture!

39-TC Rojo Dual
May 28, 2023 • Blue Roan Stallion • Papers Pending


Nice blue roan stud colt that’s got some wheels! Lots of muscle and big hip!

Replacement****40-TC Fancy Chula
May 1, 2022 • Sorrel Stallion • #6164066


This yearling is replacing the original lot 40.

Replacement****42-The Masqued Ms Kitty
March 25, 2022 • Palomino Filly • #6223662


This yearling is a replacement for the original lot 42.

43-Masqued N BlazingHot
April 24, 2023 • Bay Filly • Papers Pending


Classy, beautiful, balanced bay filly sired by an AQHA Champion. Maternal dam is by an AQHA Champion sire and dam. Pedigree is packed with proven performance horses. Eligible for the Ranch Horse Extravaganza and Futurity in
Iowa and the Iowa Ranch Horse Futurity. This filly will have size, movement, and will be the type you can go in any direction. Dam is 15-3 HH and this is her first foal. She will grow up to be fancy.

44-SCQH Amber Bock
May 1, 2023 • Palomino Stallion 


This is a very nice palomino colt that is very fluid and correct in his movement. His sire, Haidas Meradan, is a money winner and has accumulated over 135 AQHA points. He has points in Ranch Riding, Ranch Reining, Ranch Horse Conformation and was a Reserve World Champion in Ranch Trail Stakes Class as a 4-year-old. This is his first foal crop. His dam was purchased as a weanling at this sale and is the fastest mare on the place. Don’t miss out on this one!

45-SCQH Blazen Spot
April 23, 2023 • Red Roan Stallion • #6233410


This is another really nice colt that should mature to around 15 hands and be very athletic and smart. These Sophisticated Spot babies are extremely athletic
and catty. This mare has raised some nice ones that have done really well for their owners. He should be able to take someone to the pay window in many different events.

46-SCQH Hot Cash
May 1, 2023 • Palomino Filly • #6233412


This is a very compact palomino filly. She is thickly made and is extremely athletic. Her sires pedigree is a Who’s Who of Cutting Horses and he was shown as a reining horse. Her dam was used as a driving horse and is very solid and level headed. She should get to about 15 hands and be ale to do
about anything.

47-SCQH Joe Joe
April 26, 2023 • Sorrel Stallion • Papers Pending


This is a really nice colt that is very level headed and proportioned just right. He is out of the first foal crop of Haidas Meradan and there won’t be many of these for several years. Haidas Meradan is a money earner and over 135 AQHA Point winner with Multiple ROMs and has very limited showing. This colt has it all with many greats in his pedigree.

48-SCQH Irish Tequila
April 22, 2023 • Palomino Filly • #6233411

Irish Tequila.jpg

This filly is being sold as a replacement for the original lot 48. 

49-SCQH Twilight
May 25, 2023 • Bay Roan Filly • #6233415


This filly is exceptional in every way. She has a unique color and is just stunning to look at. Her sire, although never shown, is from the Hunt Ranch and has a full brother who has qualified and finished top 10 in Tie Down Roping at the AQHA World Show multiple times. This filly is just as good as any you would find on the Open Box Rafter Ranch Sale and those are quality top to bottom. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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