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The Ladies of Carter Acres

Here are the producing broodmares of Carter Acres.
Individual pedigree and progeny pages coming soon!

CA Shinee Neely

   We raised Neely. She has the legendary sire, Shining Spark on her pedigree coupled with a solid foundation ranch using horses on her dam's side. She is slightly smaller than our ideal broodmare at 14.1 so she is FOR SALE.  ​



Jo Jos Valley Queen

   JoJo has been our most productive daughter of Queen Jessamun. She has never missed foaling and frequently has the high seller. Her colts have gone as far west as Idaho and as far east as Maryland. We also have two daughters (full sisters) in our broodmare band. 

Queen Jessamun

   Queenie is 24 years old this spring and has earned a permanent place here as she consistently outproduces herself. We've kept eight fillies! Our best broodmares mostly trace to her.  Jo Jos Valley Queen, CA One Karat and Dudes Roan Queen are daughters. CA Pippa, CA Pip Squeak and CA One Karat Jewel are granddaughters.


LJSR Raven

   Raven has been a spectacular producer; she's not missed one year! Take a look at the foals she's produced on her page. We kept her 2019 Buckskin filly as a replacement but will consider selling her. Raven is getting up there in age so she is FOR SALE. 

LJSR Scoria Road

   Everyone loves Scoria. She is the first choice for anyone who doesn't ride much and she takes care of them well. She can "flip a switch" so to speak, though, and get a day's work done when more agility and athleticism is needed. CA Champagne is a daughter. 
Dusty 006 2012.JPG

LJSR Dusty Shine

   The only remaining daughter of Keen Shine (grandson of Shining Spark), Dusty is a family favorite. She is the first greeter in the pasture and she's as wide as she is tall! Our son qualified for the MN State 4-H Horse Show in games and our daughter qualified for Pleasure on Keen Shine, her sire, in the same year. 
Brown Eyes 2014.jpg

Shiney Brown Eyes

    Brown Eyes was purchased from a reputable breeder in Iowa, out of a daughter from Nada's home ranch. She is one of the few daughters of Black n Shiney, a son of Shining Spark that was lost way too soon. 
Karat (11) Sz 500.jpg

CA One Karat

   If there was a contest for the most beautiful mare, Karat would win. Faultless conformation and a talented athlete, this mare is proving to be a wonderful broodmare as well. She was used for a training clinic as a 3-year old and behaved better than many of the seasoned horses there!
LadyCollins (12) Sz 500.jpg

LJSR Lady Collins

    Lady Collins is a big, beautiful dun broodmare. She has some legendary cow horses in her pedigree. She is young and has her whole life in front of her but since we're downsizing, she is FOR SALE. She was injured in wire and has scars on her back legs, but gets around fine.
BiscayneBay (1) Sz 500.jpg

LJSR Biscayne Bay

    Biscuit is one of the sweetest mares on the place. She is out of one of the greatest producers at the Lazy JS Ranch in Bowman, ND and has notable greats, Collins Jessie and Jessie Tivio on her papers. Less notable to most, she has Hayden Wano, Tondalayo Two and LJSR Chianti on her dam's side,  three of the all-time favorites at the Lazy JS. She is promising to be an exceptional broodmare. Because we are downsizing, she is FOR SALE. 

CA Vixie

   One of only two Fancy Cut Diamonds daughters on the place, Vixie has proven an exceptional broodmare, outproducing herself. She was kind and quiet enough for our teenage daughter to start for a 4-H youth training project that advanced to the MN State Fair.
Sapphire 2014.jpg

CA Diamonds Sapphire

    Sapphire is the only daughter of Diamond and has a special place in our hearts. The night Sapphire was born, Nada woke bolt upright in bed. Seeing nothing wrong, she went back to bed only to be awoken again. She checked the barn and Sapphire had been born but hadn't nursed....she was mad as a little hornet. God gave us just what we ordered. He is Good.
Sangria(10) cropped.jpg

LLE Justlikesangria

    Sangria is a young mare that promises to be very productive. She beautifully raised a palomino roan filly in 2019 that is going to make someone very happy! Sangria was purchased from the Lee Elliott ranch in Wyoming. She is only FOR SALE due to downsizing. 
Navajo 10032015.ed.jpg

Sleepy Hickory Sug

   Our sage advisor told us to buy some of the best. We ran across this beauty at a consignment sale and had to bring her home. Quiet and kind, Navajo has been used for our son as a 4-H youth halter project. She is expecting her first foal in 2020 by CA Skye Blue; should be gorgeous!

CA Pip Squeak

    Pip Squeak is an absolutely gorgeous broodmare. Keen headed with big doe eyes and a HUGE barrel, she is a powerhouse! If she can't raise a team roping horse, nothing will! 
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