Young Stock for Sale

     The majority of these young fillies were kept as replacements as we feel that they are that good. However, we've decided to downsize a little and are offering them for sale.  Discounts available for multiple horse purchases. Payments and delivery negotiable.

CA Morganite
2019 Palomino Roan
LJSR Smart Alexis
2018 Bay Filly
Smart Alexis Oct 2018.jpg
CA Halo
2017 Chestnut Filly
LJSR Raven Claw
2019 Buckskin Filly
Ravens Claw 02292020.jpg
LJSR Cobble
2019 Red Roan Filly
Pebbles aka Cobble 2019.jpg
CA Black Kitty Cat
2019 Black Filly
Kitty Sept 2019.jpg
2017 Grade Gelding
Queen Jessamun
x Chex Peppy Doc
Royal Oct 2019.jpg
CA Queen Sheba
2019 Smokey
Black Filly
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